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Call cards provide a standard fee when completing an international or long-distance domestic phone call. You can buy one of these cards for a flat fee. The amount is deducted against the rate for each call multiplied by the number of minutes the call lasts. The cards can be utilized until the dollar amount of the card is exhausted. Call cards can make keeping in touch with international family members much easier.


The first call cards were produced in Italy in 1975. A vending machine company called SIDA introduced them to deal with the problem of coin theft in phone booths. The card’s ID number was “hidden” in the magnetic strip on the back. This was read by the machine when swiped. Fifteen years later, Bell Operating Company replaced cards with magnetic strips with cards that utilized a PIN and toll free number.

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Beginning A Successful Phone Conversation

No matter what your situation is, it can be hard to get started on a phone conversation. Some situations are even harder than others. Here are some ideas to assist you with initiating a phone call.

1. Beginning a phone conversation can be difficult especially when you are not familiar with the person you are calling. For the purpose of these tips, I am going to make the assumption that you will be talking with a stranger or near-stranger and that you wish to get to know this person a bit better.

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Deciding Which Call Card is Best

A fast and simple guide to selecting the right prepaid call card.

Because there are so many choices, it can be quite a chore to determine which prepaid call card is right for you. There are just so many to choose from. More than 12,000,000 responses appear when you Google “prepaid call cards.” The card with the lowest rates is usually the most popular. But people do not understand that these cards can be the least cost-effective.

There are three important points to consider when choosing the right call card for your use. This process will help you choose while also saving money.
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