Basic Business Telephone Skills

When you present yourself in your best light and conduct yourself well, you are displaying good etiquette. If you want to succeed, you must have good manners. The business phone call is one of the most important examples of this.

Every hour of every day, business phone calls are being made. Even if you never meet a business colleague in person, but only speak on the phone, you are sure to form a strong opinion. When you have good business phone etiquette, you can establish a rapport with your caller, communicate clearly, and sidestep any misunderstandings that may occur.

We have surely all had our share of irritating, frustrating phone calls. Was this problem caused by bad phone etiquette? In this article, we will discuss some simple ways to use excellent phone etiquette when doing business by phone.

You must prepare if you want to have a successful business transaction. This also holds true for phone conversations. When you call someone, take the time to find out what they need, who they are, and whether or not the time you are calling is a convenient one. Follow the three S’s: Sharp, Short & Structured.

If you don’t know the caller, you must verify his or her identity first thing. When you take the time to introduce yourself and the purpose of your call, you are being polite and giving your caller time to adjust to the situation at hand.

Be specific about what you hope to achieve with the call. You can’t just assume the person you are calling knows what you expect and why you are making the call. Say what the call is about first. Then expand your information.

Be sure that your caller can understand what you are saying and that the information will be useful and appreciated. If you speak in vague terms and don’t get to the point, you will lose your caller’s attention.

If you want to have good business phone etiquette, you must always behave in a professional manner. If you are talking to an unfamiliar person, don’t be familiar. Don’t ask personal questions and speak in an informal manner. After you have formed a relationship, you will be thought polite if you ask about trivial personal matters such as kids’ school, weekends, and so on.

If the matter is secret, you must keep the callers privacy and security foremost in your mind. If you have to talk about sensitive issues, you must first ask your caller if this is alright.
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Have patience. Even when your calls become hectic and you are under a lot of pressure, you must remain calm and show your good business etiquette. If you are able to be patient, you can avoid hasty decisions and earn some respect.

Of course, there is a lot more to good business phone manners than just following the Seven P’s; however, you are sure to find that following these simple steps puts you well on your way to becoming an effective phone conversationalist in business.

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