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Call cards provide a standard fee when completing an international or long-distance domestic phone call. You can buy one of these cards for a flat fee. The amount is deducted against the rate for each call multiplied by the number of minutes the call lasts. The cards can be utilized until the dollar amount of the card is exhausted. Call cards can make keeping in touch with international family members much easier.


The first call cards were produced in Italy in 1975. A vending machine company called SIDA introduced them to deal with the problem of coin theft in phone booths. The card’s ID number was “hidden” in the magnetic strip on the back. This was read by the machine when swiped. Fifteen years later, Bell Operating Company replaced cards with magnetic strips with cards that utilized a PIN and toll free number.


Dating back to 1992, every big American telephone company has had call cards that have personal identification numbers. The benefit of a call card is that it is easy to carry with you and use anywhere. Just dial the 1-800 phone number found on back, punch in your PIN, and then put in the number that you’re calling. Cards may be utilized with all phones from anywhere on earth.


There are three kinds of call cards:
1. Domestic
2. Overseas
3. International

An international call card will let you make calls abroad. An overseas call lets you make calls at a set rate within a foreign country. Domestic call cards often offer more affordable long distance rates than other methods.


One feature of today’s call cards is the secret PIN you will find hidden under a scratch-off surface of the kind you will find on lottery tickets. You will still see magnetic strips on call cards, but you don’t swipe the strip in a phone booth. The cashier swipes it at the cash register once to activate the card when you buy it. The amount of money on the card is found on the front next to the logo of the card’s company.


The actual size of the call card is equal to that of a normal credit card. The credit-card size of an actual call card makes it easy to carry in your wallet, purse or pocket. You may not have a card at all, though. You may simply have an online account that acts as a virtual card. Call cards can be worth $5 into the hundreds. If you have an online account, you can choose how much you want to add to your card rather than just buying in five dollar increments as you would in a store.

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