Prepaid Call Cards

Annual sales of prepaid call cards have been approximately one-half billion for the past decade. The call card business has certainly grown dramatically in recent times.

The availability of prepaid call cards is so widespread that they are carried in many gas stations and convenience stores. Prepaid call cards may also be found on the web. In order to make the best decision, the savvy shopper will become familiar with the various rates and services offered by different companies.

The consumer should be well educated about the specifics of a card prior to purchasing one. The prepaid call card will have its price displayed prominently on the card. It will be because it’s part of advertising, though the best rate isn’t always found in the per minute rate, so be sure to look closely. There are often surcharges associated with the use of a prepaid call card. In general, cards with low costs per minute will bear the highest fees and surcharges. Some prepaid call cards require connection fees that are charged each time you make a call. Charges associated with the use of some cards can more than double the cost-per-minute of a call. The surcharge for using a pay phone is an additional surcharge that could be deducted from your remaining balance.

Some prepaid call cards have a per call international surcharge that can be as much as $3 for every call. Taxes on the use of prepaid call cards may add up to 25%. Cards from companies that employ the practice of rounding should be avoided, particularly those cards that round up to the nearest five-minute interval.

It is important to understand the fine print regarding various phone cards before buying one. The consumer must learn about a card’s extra costs in order to make the best buying choice. As a rule, a card with low per minute costs and higher surcharges is best for someone who makes longer phone calls. When you plan on keeping your calls under ten minutes long, a prepaid call card with a lower surcharge and a higher rate per minute is a better bet than the other way around.

Make sure you have a complete understanding of the details pertaining to a specific card, such as how it may be used, how it may be recharged, any extra costs associated with use, and how long it is valid for. If the terms of a particular prepaid call card are difficult to understand, shop for a card with terms that are more clear.

Using a prepaid call card can be a great way to communicate. You can even save money, since it is the least expensive way to make calls. Since the card may be used from any location, it is a terrific way to make emergency calls when traveling. Prepaid cheap call cards make telephonic communication available to so many people. Be a smart consumer when shopping for a prepaid call card to get the most from your purchase.

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